Spiritual Nuggets

The plight of man is a wonder indeed!

Once a man was chased by an elephant in a forest. Seeing no respite, he climbed a tree but he slipped, was about to fall before he could hold on to a branch. He looked up and found that the elephant is waiting to devour him and two rats, one black and one white, were …Read More

Four Letters by Yamarāja

A man, named Amrit, living on earth,one day  thought that the one thing he feared most ,was DEATH. To avoid death, Amrit practiced austerities and concentrated his mind upon Lord Yamarāja, the Lord of Death. Lord Yamarāja thus becoming pleased granted special vision to Amrit. Lord Yamarāja said: “My presence is only available to those …Read More

 Don’t be a Donkey

Once a sculptor in a village made a beautiful deity of Kṛṣṇa and thought of selling it at a good price in the city. So he loaded the deity on his donkey and started towards the city. When he was going through the village, the villagers bowed in front of the deity. Whichever street he …Read More


A very poor woman with a small family called-in to a radio station asking for help from God. A non-believer man who was also listening to this radio program decided to make fun of the woman. He got her address, called his secretary and ordered her to buy a large amount of foodstuffs and take …Read More

Fallacy of Custom

Each morning the brahmanas gathered on the bank of the holy Ganges and offered their prescribed prayers to the Lord. Each of them brought with him a copper vessel for offering water.Unfortunately, because these copper vessels were indistinguishable from one another, they were always getting mixed up between brahmanas. So one old brahmana got into …Read More

How Important it is to say HARE KṚṢṆA with a warm smile

This story is about a person working in a freezer plant. It was almost the day end. Everyone had packed up to check out. A technical snag developed inside the plant and he went to check. By the time he finished, it was late. The doors were sealed and the lights were off. Trapped inside …Read More

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